Maintenance Tips For Your Fuel Pump

Maintenance tips for your fuel pump

The electrical fuel pump transfers fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. It can last the life of your vehicle, but only if it’s properly cared for.
The fuel pump plays an integral role in making sure your car runs smoothly. Every modern car with a fuel-injected engine has an electric fuel pump – a sophisticated piece of equipment whose job is to transfer a constant pressurized supply of fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel injection on the engine.

It does this to provide a steady supply of fuel at the proper pressure and quantity. This enables the engine to perform as expected under a wide range of driving conditions and rates of fuel consumption.

If you’re fortunate you won’t have to replace a fuel pump, which is often located in the fuel tank.

  • Taking care of your fuel pump:
    If properly cared for, several auto mechanics say fuel pumps should last the entire life of a car.
    To extend the life of your fuel pump, never let you car’s fuel level fall below a quarter of a tank. The fuel pump should last as long as you own the car, but people tend to run the fuel tank too low, which causes them to wear out. The fuel in the tank cools the pump, but when the petrol runs down to empty, the pump could overheat. If the tank is empty and new petrol is pumped in, it could cause thermal shock to the pump.
    Changing the fuel filter — located in the fuel line — will also help preserve the fuel pump. It’s job is to purify the petrol going to the injectors.

  • Fuel pump warning signs:
    There are a few signs the fuel pump may be struggling to do its job. One sign is if there’s a noise coming from the pump area, and a long engine crank before starting. Those are the most common early warning signs of an electric pump problem.
    Other warnings include a lack of power, stalling and the car not starting despite the motor turning over. But in some cases, unfortunately, there are no signs at all.

  • The costs to replace a fuel pump:
    The cost to replace a fuel pump can be quite costly depending on the make, year and model of the vehicle. The cost varies greatly depending on the type of pump, where it’s located and how it is accessed for replacement.

We recommend should you suspect any issues or experience any warning signs you take it to an authorised auto dealer or mechanic to make sure it’s operating properly.