Stihl Repair centre

Diesel Electric has a complete workshop with trained personnel to do the PDI at purchase, full service with all service parts and the complete overhaul when required.

Home Service

A regular service and home maintenance regime cuts fuel consumption and emissions, extends engine life and improves performance.

Here are some simple checks to carry out at home:

  • Start by cleaning your tools. STIHL has special cleaners and solvents for the purpose.
  • Look for signs of wear or damage, and even inhabitants (engine compartments make nice nesting places).
  • Check moving parts are secure and balanced – blades and cutting tools in particular.
  • Clean spark plugs and check the gap.
  • Check sharpness of blades and lubricate.
  • Lubricate gear units and clean/replace air filters.
  • Drain any fuel over two weeks’ old. Re-fill with fresh fuel to the correct ratio.
  • To change the oil, a short burst on the engine will stir up any sediment and warm oil will flow out more easily. Turn the engine off before draining into a container for proper disposal. Re-fill before use.